lost. love. letters.

lost. love. letters.

black and white black and white branches cloudy
Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

“if once more
I would hold your hand
in, with both of mine,
as, the most precious, the most delicate
of all that was ever created,
was gifted,
was mine to have,
if only,
once more,
to feel the presence of your warmth
thaw these cradled lands
my hands would illuminate
in that moment
be overrun
damns burst river flow forth
with love, of joy,
filling up my heart
saturating my bones
if only,
for once more –
my love.”

notes… the letters are in runes, all of their various meanings, I leave to you… (musical choice for the eve)

(written originally 6.12.2019, quite forgotten about in one of my journals, rewrote a few times since today, mostly just word positions and such, and by the way, thanks for the look and your time, I appreciate anything outside of mine, thanks)

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