silly thought for the day…

silly thought for the day…

assorted color sequins
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

this is the weekend, I need to take off my serious hat for a moment, I drive past this one mega church all the time, they have various signs they change on a regular basis, and I must admit some are amusing, today, for whatever reason I thought of something for myself…

If was to own a church, I would call it The House of the Rising Son

struck me as funny, so I will probably be struck down by the powers that be shortly…

Housekeeping!  I did a bunch today, totally updated my Collections and Series page, and also got my Porch page up to date (it has been a year… holy shit!)… man, it is hard work but worth it, screw the king’s men, they don’t know how to put me back together again… it is up to me to eat the elmer’s and piece things back together, thanks for being around to check it out… and the rest who aren’t…. ah, you’re missing out…

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