the vacillation of hope… (a poem)

the vacillation of hope… (a poem)

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“my hope resides
in the chalice of the unborn
silent the heart
that has no song
for the word love
has not long passed this tongue
I count in years
as numbers less drawn,
might I gather dew
from that morning leaf
and renew my spring
from the gift of dawn,
yes, the sun rises
but no chariot awaits me there
I dwell here low
in hours drawn late,
I wonder,
how did I get here?
where can I go?
but this light of hope
grows dim, and slow
dim, and, slow

notes… I would love to tell you I am a bulwark against pessimism, and generally I usually am, but I have my moments of weakness, I am human, I embrace them, I see my shortcomings, so is it OK to despair? I think it is for a time, what are the mountains without the valleys ?  the point is to see the valley, when you are in it, and gather to climb the mountain again, you never win, you always fall down, just keep up the trail, is it logical, no, but either that or just lay down and let the world run over you, you have a choice, a loss, a setback, they happen, dust yourself off and give fate the stink eye… walk the path, I am trying, and failing mostly, but I will get up and push that rock back up the hill, even with a bunion


>>> Eric Johnson – When the Sun Meets the Sky (live)

c’mon, sweet tone… a soft song, great on a summer night such as this…

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