a simple thought, on passing snake hill…

a simple thought, on passing snake hill…

c m heart embossed on three
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“a profession of love
initials coupled on a rock
an ad hoc memorial
to love so temporal
or with hope
anniversaries immemorial”

written on my daily drive up the NJ Turnpike, passing Snake Hill (as it is locally known), graffiti is sometimes… sometimes… a bit more.  as you pass over snake hill on the left the entire NYC skyline is on your right… clear as a bell…

>>>musical accompaniment : Warrior Soul – The Losers and Lullaby

kind of anthems for me from back in the day… they were a rebel rock band when hair bands were dominating the scene, well, they had hair, but not that hair

and I would be remiss, if I did not say thanks for all the reads, eyeballs and all the such… now, my american friends, do not go blowing off your fingers tomorrow, hard to do here in jersey, the only thing legal fireworks wise is basically sparklers… yech… I could tell you stories about m-80s and m-90s and pool filters… but nah, not today… did I mention I write off the cuff pretty much all the time ? yeah… pretty much…

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