chalk outline.

chalk outline.

pink leafed trees on green grass field
Photo by Jan Krnc on

a grand scene
within the confines of hours
cherry blossoms to the slaughter
dashed petals in a downpour
littered about the earthen floor,
a grand scene
laid out with random care
cast out runes
read upon them
the fate of these
fallen blooms

notes: cherry blossoms are a big thing here in NJ and also DC, but they are very temporary, that is what I was writing about, it was like walking up on a murder scene, all of a sudden, in one afternoon from full bloom to all the petals trounced on the ground, it made me think of some CSI scene, yellow tape and all (poem written originally 5.21, slightly adjusted tonight).

music ?  (a bit of a guilty pleasure pick)

>>>Gin Blossoms – Found Out About You

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