lost. love. letters.

lost. love. letters.

silhouette photo of man and woman about to kiss
Photo by Varun Chandak on Pexels.com

if –
the after life
is –
and I might die today
I would wish to see you tomorrow
with you
only you
my lost
my love

6.8.19self inflicted
I have been led to believe
that time heals all wounds
so how does that explain, you
from fortune cookies
to books wiser than me
from veteran mouths with far more experience
and yet-

wounds leave scars
as tales of reminder
sign post detours
but this, this is alteration
my self inflicted sentence
even the blame feels empty
against the missing
to never be honored by your love again
penance is no medicine
age is no doctor
for you are in my heart
for all ever after.

notes… I am kicking around the idea of making lost.love.letters a regular thing, I write a lot about her because I think about her a lot, it is something that I can not shake, at least for now, so… maybe I will do it as a thursday thing, thunder day, because that is what is in my heart. (of course technically I am posting on friday… but cmon…)

music? Minus the Bear – Last Kiss (live, acoustic), listen to the damn words people

all thoughts, comments, mango blackened chicken recipes are appreciated (I can tell you a story about that mango chicken thing…)

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