if god were to fish, what would be the pond?

if god were to fish, what would be the pond?

galaxy stars illustration
Photo by Free Nature Stock on Pexels.com

god’s fishing pond

night fishing, sunday
might catch a bear, a scorpion
or a pair of twins
cast a net on a nebula
for minnows are comets
to use for bait
to lure a moon or two
or throw a hook into the cold outreach
hope to snag a neptune
a pluto, an exo-planet or two
or lose a line
the hook
the bait
in an event horizon

notes… file this under whimsy, just one of those silly things that catches me at the moment (I wrote this originally on 5.6, edited tonight), part of the inspiration for this is a work by one of my absolute favorite artists… this…

>>>The Week Before – Dave McKean

take a moment and take it in… subtle and not so…

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