the revelation of a pop-up positive exhibit (short-read, positively)

the revelation of a pop-up positive exhibit (short-read, positively)

shallow focus photography of grass wit droplets of water
Photo by Free Nature Stock on

“the rain last night was steady, not readily heavy, just steady, and so I slept, with my window open, the subtle hum of white noise storms soothing, I suppose since the temperature dropped nicely there was no seething bath of humidity outside, this morning or otherwise, showered, dressed, I walked outside, as I usually might on my daily ritual jaunt to work, and
paused . . .
sometimes a myriad of consequence appears, you just have to take up notice, the rain had left remnants, droplets, on all the green surfaces from grass to bush to trees, the signs of the storm are everywhere and… the world is absolutely shimmering, the sun is hovering, revealing the quiet splendor of this morning’s exhibit, fields of greens and aquifer diamonds affixed, I imagine this is what Ireland is like, if I had ever gone, everything else seems to melt away into this microcosm of understanding, this standing moment, or movement of a moment passing through time and my eyes, the sky is truly blue, I know, it is not *really* blue, scientifically speaking, but does that matter? and should I be so clinical, I would rather take it in, or rather let it take me in, let the blue expanse wash over me like a tide-less ocean, perceived waves undulating with the current of positive energy, I close my eyes to internalize this power source gifted to me, to ride me through the normal tribulations of suburban life, today, and so invigorated I get in my car and drive…

…and here I am just a mere few hours later, having all this morning’s wonder quite chipped away by the grind of car fumes, traffic, road construction, acidic gossip water cooler conversation, irate customers assigning emergencies to minutia, and all the other toxic components life throws at you in the constant…
…so I step outside and reflect on that blue sky of unseen tides, this morning…
I must learn how to temper my steel to withstand such assaults or risk the abuse that my daily sharpening to cut through will produce diminishing returns, as at some point no base metal will remain on the blade, better yet might I just learn to reflect or side-step what I can, focus on the positive regardless of the position of the present, it all seems so tidy as I write it… I just have to live it…”

(deep in…hale… slow ex…hale…)

and with that, I say goodnight…. (music: humanmeshdance – giant clouds)

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