driving and dreading…

driving and dreading…

concrete tunnel in forest
Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels.com

Driving home last night, something I do all the time, ahem, obviously… but the sky was so that the road was framed in, and spring, not quite here has lent a bent to the trees (or perhaps the way they were cut to avoid the power lines), so for some reason the trees seemed to be menacing, hanging over the road almost ready to strike, or more accurately swallow me whole, as the daylight dimmed and I drove towards oblivion I scribbled this in my journal (and as usual this is barely edited, damn I can barely read my own handwriting sometimes so I have to guess)…

a tree broken back over arching the roadway
branches like ten thousand black talons
in a witches’ bent
lifeless, dangling, a photograph – a trap!
driving this street
mind racing
a gauntlet of these gaunt creeps
lining both sides
all seems closing in
the horizon light contracting to a point
I am cornered.
like ichabod in that hollow
on that bridge
by what this night may bring

music to accompany (I know, worst band name ever but…)

My Dying Bride – The Cry of Mankind

note the ongoing synth throughout, like a heartbeat in the melancholy, to me this mixes ambient/electronica with doom metal, but yet there is layers… brilliant. the video is pretty dull but the tune rules…

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