From the porch…

From the porch…

(my continued series), this is from the deck, but same difference (idea)…

just sitting out on the deck, even the dog just wants to pause and admire, the warming sun just enough to hold off the waning chill, birds return, it seems, by the hour now, their quorum raises suspicions that winter is indeed receding, the birds chorus sounds less like a symphony and more like contests about who gets the top bunk, snow still clings in the subtle shadows of trees and houses, binding to nooks where the sun’s growing confidence has quite not yet reached, clinging to the months long tundra ground in biting desperation, to remain in solid form and not simply melt away into nothing, soon their cousin rain will come and convert all the followers as such, we, these earth dwellers, can not actually feel the tilt (although we have calculated the trajectory), as we are very tethered in our hemisphere, but we can know the hints of the foreshadowing, the days are stretching, mildly but noticeably, and even my dog would agree, bask in the sun, watch the world change around you, here comes the spring.

(oh and by the way, that’s samantha aka sam, the dog, a rescue black lab from puerto rico, before hurricane maria, she is around 10 now (a sort of guess) and surely would be dead if not adopted prior to the hurricane which we never hear about anymore)

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