Time for a quickie (or three)…

Time for a quickie (or three)…

asphalt buildings city city lights
Photo by Steven Arenas on Pexels.com

Short works that is (what were you thinking?), today was my typical horrendous commute but the sky was this orange/pink linear gradient into blue (and I had my tunes so I was certainly more chipper than my fellow travelers,  I often concoct stories in my mind based on their cars and posture to pass the grind), I took some photos out of my dash with my phone but at the moment my motivation to post said photos has waned and passed, so take my word for it, an absolutely lovely hue rising above the tangled concrete mess (almost taunting), some windows open, blowing smoke, the lovely gas containers of Elizabeth (which you may have seen in the Soprano’s intro), I have worked 9 days straight and somehow I feel like I lost an hour somewhere, not sure, but anyway, here are a couple of simpler more singular numbers, enjoy…

single seagull soaring over head
destination unknown
perhaps the shore
she does not tell
how will I ever know?

I have never found anyone else
because I have always been looking for you.

perhaps this is all we are meant to see
all encompassed in a living dream
for on our death
we truly wake
on to the eternal scene.

notes… wrote these back in November, not that you care but I always like to post when I wrote something, not sure if it matters in the scheme of things (OK, it doesn’t) but damn me and my promises (I might have tweaked a note or two here and there)…

musical recommendation ? (and I thought you might not ask….)

Solar Fields – Altered Second Movement

Groovy ambient, more active than passive and lots of bass… I find it great to get work done, pushing out the noise of the world to bang on the inner sanctum of intellect, but hey, that’s just me, let’s grab a beer

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