Sometimes whimsy is the best clothing…

Sometimes whimsy is the best clothing…

selective focus photography of jelly beans on jar
Photo by Graham Walker on

“ode to JB”
(canto 1)

oh! magical jelly bean
I strike out to find your whereabouts
to track you down
legend laces whispers
that you are all flavors rolled into one
truly a concocted dream of Wonka want
might I find you…
in a guessing jar?
will you look familiar
or are you a solitary star snuck among
the common pebbles for common tongues
oh! magical jelly bean
my quest for you…
has just begun !

black and brown wooden wall decor
Photo by on

notes there are times when I have no idea what is coming into the view-master of my mind, so I pull forward on the one armed bandit mech anyway and see what it brings, I labeled this canto 1 for a number of reasons, but primarily because I might come back to play in this sandlot, I have other ideas of where I might root around and search for this magical bean

music, going geek rogue here again… one of the most overlooked video games (to me), complete package, skill, game mechanics, music, graphics (for the time)…

Secret of Mana – Soundtrack

thanks for all your views and likes/shares, all comments are appreciated (and usually not paid for, usually)

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