pondering with… god…

pondering with… god…

backlit clouds dawn dusk
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

dear god,
all this you already know
(so why am I writing)
and all I know
is a fraction’s fraction
I am an atom
in the vastness of your soul
how can my mind meet yours
and understand
a grand architect’s plans

you blink – one billion years
I blink – from the mere
light of a single solitary star
we orbit
the earth tilts
and still we are so far
but am I a part
of you?
the divine spark,
is is true?

written way back in july of last year (edited tonight), I never know why I release these when I do, just whimsy or as I always say, the muse informs me, I am not particularly religious but respect those who are… and those who are not, if one of you has the answer to this life, I’m game, but I am also a skeptic (with an optimistic bent), I have a true love of life within the realization I surely can not know the answers to the everything, I used to be so sure, then I settled on “it’s ok not to know”, I am more in the “I surrender” to the universe phase now I suppose, I am trying to live life the right way, for that to be my light, I am not quite making the grade but I am on the path, as they say, I hope my thoughts can inform others to just pause and be better, you will fail, I fail, but make the effort, yes, in the end it might mean nothing (in pure honesty) but making no effort also leads to nothing… so pick the better alternative and plow forward my friends.

music... since I am in a musing mood… some spacey ambient (I know, not exactly original of me to post stuff like this… but I always post whatever I am into at the moment!)

Ascendant – Source Transmission

and HEY!  if you have some cool ambient I should check out.. let me know, I am always looking for new things to groove to, but you never know what will spin my widgets (what’s a widget?), I was listening to a bunch of old school metal this week like Six Feet Under and Meathook Seed, as well as some Vivaldi.. yeah, I am a strange bird, flightless, well… maybe…

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