super blood wolf fish hamster moon thing.

super blood wolf fish hamster moon thing.


clearly the phenom was cool ( site), that’s my photo from my deck sunday night when I was walking Samantha (a black lab mix rescue dog – she’s 10-ish), but it also inspired this…

1.22.2019 the night watcher

before the seven seas
before the age of pangea
master of all seasons
a dead eye’s watch
blinks as slow as sound
born of earthly rock
millennia of collisions tell
this barren face does watch
down upon creation
ever in the shadow
of the twin composition
not privy to the tidal lives
evolving below this stoic eye
left to turn and spin in cold
destined to observe and never hold
and how many human eyes have wandered
up at you on nights like these
wondered what has come and gone
as you bear witness back to sun
from the first step of life upon this earth
cursed to watch from orbit’s perch

notes… I have a bunch of science nods in this one, I won’t uncover them all now (hey man it is late here on the E C)… I’ll get to it though and re-post, there is a bunch of nerdy stuff in there with the literary flowers.

Music ? (for those adventurous in the electronic realm) :

IPeiqi – landscape

call it deep tech/trance/tech ambient… I dunno, I love it.

and thank you to all who read my stuff, I bow and say thanks.

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