the cycle of regret and holding on.

the cycle of regret and holding on.

farm land during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on


I think I’ve never been a farmer

these fields lay fallow

from some neglect

of sown regret


I can see the sun-

sunlight strikes

this empty plot

barren crop

memories now

merely dust


steps dune dunes sand dunes
Photo by shy sol on

footprints worn in

from pacing rows

starved by drought

nothing grows


weighed down

by a plan of my own disillusion


where there was two

there is only one

the damn math

the answer

the equation

becomes none


afterglow background beautiful branches
Photo by Krivec Ales on

so I must learn to farm again

guided by the sun

on another patch

in another place

I must abandon

what has gone

I must move on

from this field

sever the bond

that has been

long gone

long gone

travel on – “I must” I tell myself


I look back, for just one more glance

just so, I will not forget.

notes… I was watching a documentary on minimalism last night, I might not agree with all of it, but it got me to thinking, maybe I need to be a minimalist of the heart, I carry baggage way more than I should (I think, I’m not sure, but pretty sure), like material things misery can be a thing of comfort after a while, I am not saying I am miserable but I have some emotional hummel’s on my shelf as reminders, maybe I shouldn’t.  I can only try to be better and remind myself moment to moment life is better than the alternative by a long shot.  (this particular poem is something I wrote originally on 5.5.18 but re-wrote a bit today as I might do)

music for your consideration…

Taylor Deupree – Somi

This is minimalist ambient… and brilliant (if ya ask me), let it fall on you like rain on a summer day, relief and beauty in each drop, like slow motion hands of a visual clock, no harsh sounds, just the surround, of thought.

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