Simple Sunday Thoughts…

Simple Sunday Thoughts…

midsection of man holding hands over white background
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might I be the knife
to pierce that veil of night
walking through this daily life
lead others into that good light


photo of man standing on rock near seashore
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is that you, in the next car?
or in another land
another shore
maybe just within my reach
or not near at all
but never far
from my thoughts
never far, my love

notes… sometimes I like simple, especially as I get older, I could get all weird and technical on you, or esoteric in my writing, but I am really enjoying the simple things more these days, be it the sun, the moon, the dance of a squirrel, there is the miracle of life all around us, I’m not saying be unaware of the dark corners of this world, just don’t forget the amazement around you in even the mundane, at least that is what I am trying to do and bring.  (I wrote these poems on 1/18, Friday)

Music tonight? thanks for asking…

Minus the Bear – My Time (live, sort of acoustic but amazing)

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