When the parents are away…

When the parents are away…

women holding shot glasses
Photo by Isabella Mendes on Pexels.com

“house party”

the adults have left the room
the logic and morals swoon
a fever sweeps the floor
criminality in personality untamed
raid the liquor cabinet they say
the freedom of a free pasture
the parents are away

invite everyone you know
you’re in control
they invite everyone they know
that control relents and runs
out of control
but you have never been this popular
amazing what you will take
to feel like the king
even if
you do not notice the fleeting
those who praise you now
and drop beer cans on the lawn
raid the drawers of your mom
leave stains on the floor
smoke indoors
but for a moment you are king
with your parent’s things.

notes… lighter fare for a weekend, a stormy one at that (well at least here!)… have we all done the house party thing when the parents went away? I did, just once, and it was enough, certainly bad planning as I had to call the cops on myself!  yech…  so many moons ago, but I do remember those times quite well. I wrote this one back on 12.8 because I saw a beer can on a lawn on the drive home… the randomness of the muse is amusing.

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