the faints of snow…

the faints of snow…


faints of snow
trace on the outlines
by the wind

as if drawn
move of perfect form
slight of ice

at this simple act
crystals born
on time and again
to the earth and back
meaning found

and to know a place
moment still
of all that breath’s life
does find grace

Notes… this is the alter Haiku form 3/5/3 with some improv in there… I don’t know why sometimes I write this way when the muse so instructs me so. in the third stanza I am referencing that all water has been recycled countless times here on earth through history, we think of rain as some thing, but it is water that maybe was blood two million years ago, and the last stanza is about that everything finds an end, I hope that is peace, but I know it is an end, either way.

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