dreams speak sometimes.

dreams speak sometimes.

red sun purple dream
Photo by SplitShire on Pexels.com

I step off into the night

flight into dreams

the visual crew

a familiar brew

and you,

peeking around the corner

my heart donor

wake me up before I go

tap my shoulder before I leave

pinch this dream and make it so

wake me up before I go,

promise me, my love, don’t go.

written 6.7.18, I was thinking of her again today so.  I also seem to forget about all these things written down these months in my journals (in pursuit of the new shiny thing), and yes, that is a WHAM! reference in there (I am a child of the 80’s after all) – and a Star Trek next gen reference (I’m such a nerd).  I think winter is dragging me down a bit, and work has me in loops, I am writing but I don’t seem to be finishing … ya here me my fellow writers/artists? yeah… you’ve all been there.  Sometimes going back can inform going forward, well, at least that is what I am telling myself (and you apparently).  I had an install in Yonkers NY last night, strange area, kind of nice but kind of not?  Totally strange windy roads, total hell in the winter with the degree of the hills. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

music: Faun – Federkleid

I think I have posted that before but eh.. who cares, I was listening to it today for some inspiration, some came, but not a full boat, oh well, we will see what happens in the morn.

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