which piece are you?

which piece are you?

chess chess pieces glass macro
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


send in the clowns
the fools who lead
sent out by crowns
the pawns in line
fall double first time
the king’s have their castles
and gold to trade
life is gained
ground is granted
suitors fallow
bloodlines planted

notes… written 11/13/18, slight chess metaphors but also not, of course “send in the clowns” is an obvious reference (well at least to me – but I also mean jesters), and that is how this poem started (ever been there, where one line just makes the others in your head?), it led me to think about how those in power send out those who are not (and I am not saying I would be above that if I was given the realm, being moral without the choice to not be moral is easy to talk about), back to the lines – pawns can move two spaces so that is the “double” reference, the king line is in reference to “castling” in chess (double meaning to me, you work out the details), then after I was kind of was mixing that with the way royal bloodlines have propagated over time (ahem, via incest)… am I explaining to much?  eh… I felt like it this time.  Sometimes rhymes have more than they seem, or at least hope to be.

Music : Thought Industry – My Famous Mistake

These boys were doing strange atmosphere way before it was cool (think Tool meets Helmet with prog tones)

And yeah… I have been keeping up with my Media Review page lately

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