sometimes just a bird…

sometimes just a bird…

two bare trees beside each other during sunset
Photo by Johannes Plenio on


when on here the lonely call

of a bird that seems alone

against the coming grays of cold

wondering why he has not gone

off onto a winter home

notes… I finished up work about 3am last night (after a 1:30am jaunt monday… virus protection on your PCs people argghhghgh!!!), I was down in the boogie down bronx (actually a historical site turned into a supermarket), not exactly the nicest area but I have to say I enjoy traveling all over the tri-state area into every conceivable economic situation from Newark, the Bronx, Franklin Lakes, Millville, Smithtown, Copiague, Danbury, Hastings-On-Hudson, Cold Springs and so many more.  It is a good way to stick the thermometer of life in and take a reading to see what you don’t have on the high end and how much you do compared to those who live with much less.  I value that perspective, I try to ground myself in it (not always successful). sheesh I can ramble, point being I have been busy and tired (uninspired) but this hit me word for word as I got in my car this morning.  I opened the car door, heard this one little bird, I scanned for it, I could not triangulate the little bugger, even with no cover from leaves, bare trees and this singular sound bouncing about, sure in my head I know there are birds that stick it out, but still, if I had wings, would I stay in a place, like this ?

as always, thank you for reading, comments, thoughts, strange jars fashioned in the shape of faces are always appreciated.

music? … I must admit a guilty pleasure here, although they are technically sound I swear!  Underrated band that met their end too soon (and of course there is a NJ connection, hey, I am a homer)…

Badlands – Winter’s Call

(OK, cmon, forgive the hair, it was a thing at the time… the guitar sound is too sweet)

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