Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there?

air broadcast antenna architecture connection
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I must admit I have been fascinated for a long time about the possibility of life out there, you know, the great vast out there, surely larger than us, our planet is literally a speck of dust, sure, we don’t like to think about it that way, but we can not all be ostriches about the whole thing, I ponder this topic in my mind, all the time, when I am buzzing about as a normal citizen my mind is trying the rubik’s of the universe out, so I am drawn to SETI (the search for extraterrestrial intelligence), our chances of finding others is slim because of the size of the universe (we will need some luck, but luck is what made the earth … the earth if you look at all the factors involved), we have been sending out signals to the stars via radio and TV transmissions for roughly 100 years now… imagine a million years from now that some civilization receives our signal, it will happen, but will we still be around ?  there is more heady stuff to consider as well because of the sheer distance between stars, for example it may take 100 years for a signal to reach an amenable target, if their technology is like ours (not likely) it may take 100 years to receive an answer, and in that 100 years back so much will happen, furthermore imagine if some advanced society detected us in the 1700’s and sent a signal, we did not have the capability to respond, so our efforts might be the same, we truly have to pass through the eye of the needle at this point in our evolution to find another civilization out in the universe, i will probably not see it in my lifetime, but there is hope, humans are clever little beings, and I believe in their ability. thusly that brings me to this composition:

photo of galaxy
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echoes of the universe” 12.5.2018

voices from a distant star

a signal, or false alarm

or arrived to late

as civilizations fall,

our ears as dishes we turn to the sky

to the outer, to the beyond the space of our earth

hoping for a glimpse of life

a gilligan’s island of alien kind

a simple hello

a wave goodbye

as dreams of our longing spirit

we search the sky for a biological twin

or perhaps a mere cousin

on the tree of life, yggdrasil

the branches full with the ornaments of stars

of galaxies, and super spirals

of the enigmas of celestial bodies

and all

and all we seek

is the faintest of all

the loudest whisper

into that ear

we’re here”

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