ebb and flow

ebb and flow

low angle photography of trees
Photo by Free Nature Stock on Pexels.com

low” 10.31.2018

the world is sinking, drowning into gray

even in the sunlight dwells, no denial

shadows ripple, within waves of dark energy

shallow, in the dearth of empathy

a look, a sinister flash, dark matter sky

a glint of the knowing

lifeless blood flowing from within a wound

thoughts rope bound in a fallow womb

for, what has cursed this land

so low

(if you are not familiar with my posts, I always post the original date I wrote something, kind of truth in print, or maybe I am just anal retentive… or both… but yeah, I wrote this back in October which surely seems like ages ago now, but sometimes I don’t post things as I write them, this would be one of those sometimes, I am generally optimistic but I believe there is a shadow for every sun, how can light exist without dark in simple)

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