some lasting thoughts…

some lasting thoughts…

seawaves on sands
Photo by Pok Rie on

going through my notes of hiking (well, on a beach mind you) through Cape May wildlife parks, I was inspired here and there, mostly I was inspired visually as all my previous posts last week show, so… that should spark my words, or actually maybe humble them, at times I was thinking how could I possibly compare my words to the palette displayed before me by nature, but you come to the performance with what you have, and do it.


I would give all of this for you

for a moment

but that is not exactly the truth

I want a moment

to last until my dying years

’till my eyes wash with forever

the lasting ember, your face

all I wish to remember

notes… strange that this is what pops in my head on a lovely beach, but of course, when you walk alone for as long as I have, your mind starts to wander, in my case to her, I carry her in my mind with me everywhere, not always, but sometimes I just feel like she is there and I can talk to her like she can hear me, of course that is nuts, but that is my inner dialogue, and I can admit that, maybe I am just different than everyone, I don’t know, I can only be me, and can only be honest about my thoughts, I doubt I am alone with the way I think, but sometimes it feels like it because people do not like to share their weaknesses.  But at the end we all meet the same fate, I am trying to live my life that way, am I succeeding ?  nah… but I am working toward it.

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