Back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Back to my regularly scheduled programming.

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Back at the old homestead after a much needed and much enjoyed romp on the Jersey shore in one of my favorite places (Cape May NJ), I still have lots to post from that trip but I am going with what I usually do on the weekends, and that is post some of what I consider simpler poetry, in word or theme, just things I have written that I like, and maybe someone else will (and as usual I always post the dates these were written, they seem so new to me but damn I can’t believe some of these are months old)



where have the years of my life gone

where have they lead

what has been achieved

when all is said,

are children

an accomplishment

what has it all been

time, time, time

marching forward

I am stranded behind

but not

I am towed along

no escape

time always flowing

in one direction

to my end

real” 7.10.2018


why would I dwell there?

there…  at there, is no hope

better in my mind

my heart

can lead

to the truth

I wish

to be.

I surrender” 7.10.2018

So I will grant you

the right of way

even though you are wrong

I do not have the energy

to argue with you,



a blade, to fillet your bones

rib by rib, peel the skin

one by one, strips of flesh

slow reveal, the pleasure death

– revenge.

notes: I really like the last two, the last one is a bit sinister and seems relevant coming up to halloween, I also think the timing of the words works as read, but I am biased being that I wrote it…

music?  hmmm….

Paradise Lost – Ordinary Days

Sort of the odd ball album from a usual metal/goth/doom band… I think this song is slick and sexy, especially considering the band’s history (death/doom metal start).  Damn catchy, an oddity, like me, this is what makes the world interesting. so what do you think ? reading this?  do I make any sense whatsoever ?

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