Hurricane Michael came on by…

Hurricane Michael came on by…

eye of the storm image from outer space
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The remnants of the hurricane rolled through here last night and it was gnarly, I had to put towels under my hotel door to block water from coming in (boo hoo me right?), I love storms, I especially love mother nature tearing through (thunderstorms and the like), so I actually had a blast last night watching the storm roll through this beach community, I have video to upload (from last night) but only had a chance to upload some stuff from today @ a beach I visited just two days ago, so check out my youtube channel to see how crazy the beach was today.  I wrote some poems the past few days, but man I don’t feel like typing it all out right now, I’ll be back home tomorrow so I will get back to posting my usual stuff, which seriously bores everyone I guess (based on hits/traffic) so… I am still just gonna be me. Looking forward to finishing my vacation off @ Uncle Bill’s Pancake House tomorrow morning, it is like a diner feel, such a jersey thing, hard to explain but if you are ever here (cape may) check out Uncle Bill’s.  Hey!  comments, arguments and complaints are always appreciated… thanks to anyone who reads any of this, seriously, thanks.

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