The miraculous frailty of this little planet…

The miraculous frailty of this little planet…

time lapse photo of stars on night
Photo by Jakub Novacek on

I think a good deal about the universe and our (OK, mine) place in it, the factors involved in how the Earth exists (and us by extension) are mind numbing, how we are exactly where we need to be in the solar system (distance from the sun), how our moon is so perfectly aligned that we have full eclipses (no other planet has this exactly, even though other planets have tons of moons, especially in the outer solar system), how our magnetic field has shielded us from the solar wind, how our gravity was able to hold in water (the ocean), I could go on and on…  but lately I have been watching a great show “wonders of the solar system” and came upon some animation of all the rogue junk (mostly asteroids/meteorites that are literally flying past us in the inner solar system)…. check it out, and remember that the next time you get pissed about something silly….

All the Asteroids (and flotsam) flowing through the inner solar system

Jupiter, being the biggest planet, is the biggest culprit, it interacts with the asteroid belt and throws rocks at us, it deflects some as well… and frankly without the Yucatan collision would we be ruling the planet ??

anyway, as I thought about this I also wrote a poem, because that is what I do, I grab my brush and stroke…


I try to weigh the volume, of my space

in the universe

and I feel infinitesimally small

not even a grain of silicon

am I a part, at least a cog

am I a molecule in the body of god?

notes: as usual, written in my car on the way home tonight, I had to keep muttering it to myself until I reached a good place to pull over and write it down in my horrible hand writing… I so often fear I will stop writing, but honestly I am a fountain lately (since April), so .. I have ton of stuff to post, not sure where to start but the new and shiny just seems…. so new and shiny… thoughts ?

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