cupid, my friend.

cupid, my friend.

statue church amor cupid
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“love comes a knockin’ ” 8/3/18

my old cherubim, my old friend,
you are looking worn
and tired
but you are back again
stubborn fool
I thought you knew
knew me by now
and why I rule you out
out of my house
my friend
nice to see you
but I must show you the door
even though
I know
you will call again.

notes?  nah… this one is pretty easy to dissect…

music though >? hells yeah!  more obscure stuff as I feel (know) I am an encyclopedia of music (something about my claptrap impossible mind holding all thoughts)…

Second Self “Red October”

Great tune, no traction in the factions of the populous though…  My cousin Renee turned me on to this when she worked for VH1 back in the day (I remember so distinctly her handing me the CD in the cellar of that house… I don’t know why it was so vivid, it felt like an inside job… some band that was supposed to be huge and I was gifted this CD before release… before the internet), tell me the chorus ain’t catchy and I will think you don’t know music… ok, maybe I won’t be THAT harsh… but c’mon now!

Comments and thoughts are always appreciated… and criticism is even better honestly. and to be honest… this is the lesser of the pieces I wrote today, the others were much longer and will take longer to transcribe (from my terrible hand writing and having the time), I am trying to find some way to post in a more consistent manner… more in line with my writing, as I can find… some track, some path, I am just creating.

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