I’ve lost that… feeling.

I’ve lost that… feeling.

night building forest trees
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

phantom you” 5/31/18

phantom limb

I feel you

fifteen years passed

motion forward

still photograph

in my hand

is all I have

notes… truth be told, this is truth.  I am without her for 15 years now… it seems crazy to contemplate or digest, I am wired different than the rest of you (I think), I am quite sure she is not.  I never took many photos, but then again I have an almost photographic mind…so…. I remember almost everything down to the last detail, which is great, and torture.  I remember exactly how the scar on her right arm feels… she never told me the story, I never pressed, I figured it did not matter as she was with me, and… and… what does it matter, but I remember how distinct it felt (and still do)…  I raise my fingers to my lips and whisper her name, so I can feel the sound reverberate against my finger tips… I miss her, I feel incomplete… but, there is nothing I can do, I screwed it all up… and I’m sorry, but I am here now… but I want to go back… but I can’t.

music… I am on an Anna Murphy kick, she rules, her solo album is amazing… but check this out… I dare anyone to not hear her vocal prowess:

Anna Murphy – Sick

wait until about 1 minute in… after that… man… vocal power unlike you have heard in a while, trust me… the guitar lick almost sounds like Johnny Cash covering NIN “Hurt”

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