I’ve lost that… feeling.

I’ve lost that… feeling.

night building forest trees
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phantom you” 5/31/18

phantom limb

I feel you

fifteen years passed

motion forward

still photograph

in my hand

is all I have

notes… truth be told, this is truth.  I am without her for 15 years now… it seems crazy to contemplate or digest, I am wired different than the rest of you (I think), I am quite sure she is not.  I never took many photos, but then again I have an almost photographic mind…so…. I remember almost everything down to the last detail, which is great, and torture.  I remember exactly how the scar on her right arm feels… she never told me the story, I never pressed, I figured it did not matter as she was with me, and… and… what does it matter, but I remember how distinct it felt (and still do)…  I raise my fingers to my lips and whisper her name, so I can feel the sound reverberate against my finger tips… I miss her, I feel incomplete… but, there is nothing I can do, I screwed it all up… and I’m sorry, but I am here now… but I want to go back… but I can’t.

music… I am on an Anna Murphy kick, she rules, her solo album is amazing… but check this out… I dare anyone to not hear her vocal prowess:

Anna Murphy – Sick

wait until about 1 minute in… after that… man… vocal power unlike you have heard in a while, trust me… the guitar lick almost sounds like Johnny Cash covering NIN “Hurt”

thomas leeb

thomas leeb

His album “riddle” blew my mind some years ago… I was just thinking about it… he wrote it as a teen, the playing is insane and unique.

Thomas Leeb “Riddle” in some library, not the greatest video but listen… all the sounds are him (he uses his palm and fingers for percussion).. insane my friends ! I can not say enough about how impossible this is to play… and how inspirational it is from a guitar perspective!  He makes it look easy… but it ain’t even for him !