Nostalgia and Routine…

Nostalgia and Routine…

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alarm” 6.25.18

my alarm clock is blinking “12:05”

immediate panic, late for work

but then I realize

we had a power outage


there is no way it is five past noon or midnight

who uses an alarm clock anyway

these days

I don’t, I use my phone

honestly, why do I still have the thing?

nostalgia I suppose…

routine” 4/23/18

routine routine

all the same

change the routine

to change

the sun rises to dawn

another day comes

another day gone

and now back the same

routine routine

I often ponder the comfort of things… I am eminently guilty of this as most of us most be.  I look at what once had great personal value and now seems worthless.  I suppose moments (thoughts, feelings, emotions) are harder to warehouse than hardware… but why do we cling to things? Comfort, familiarity… should we chase her? spontaneity…

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