Weekend fluff…

Weekend fluff…

green grass field during sunset
Photo by David Jakab on Pexels.com

I am a creature of habit (not a nun), but a creature of the pun…  I like to keep it light on days off and hell… it’s summer baby !  so why not just have some fun.


fat little woodchuck

bumbling about

side of the parkway

you do not even hide

where were you

when I was a child

I would have marveled

at your silly ways

wack wack waddle waddle

you go about your day

turnabout” 6.8.18

this time

it was Jonah

who swallowed

fudgie the whale

so… Carvel ice cream was a big thing here in the north east US when I was a kid.. Cookie Puss (which sounds like a bad porn name) and Fudgie (OK, I’ll leave that one alone) were huge!  The chipwhich was like an earth changing thing man! and the klondike bars .. !  I must be in the swoon of summer. So, about the woodchucks… I must have not noticed them as a kid, they seem legion now along the GSP… every day driving home I look for their forecast .. (woodchucks are also called groundhogs and well.. I am not explaining the rest).  And about the McDonalds commercial.. I can’t tell you how popular that thing was… and the shared experience of day camp.

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