Beauty & the Banality…

Beauty & the Banality…



pastels formed as clouds

pressed up against the sky

late summer afternoon

spring like storms rolling through


portend the approaching moon

That is the view from the parking lot of Wegmans supermarket in Woodbridge NJ… cmon! what isn’t inspiring about that… I am remiss to keep posting instant material but.. posting something new is just so much more … um… “new” feeling, boy am I profound! I want to get to stuff I wrote the past month or so (stuff I really like)… I will but I have been overwhelmed by instant lately and it makes some of my other stuff seem stale when you are birthing work directly, almost immediately.  In  the same car trip (my ultra cool exciting ride home from work) I wrote this about an hour earlier…


on the golden shores

of my dreams

the sea glistens

tides rise and fall

of shimmering sequins

the sun bathes healing light

malice is an unheard rumor

spite a harmless shadow upon the ground

I take

a deep breath

on the golden shores, of my dreams

Once again I was writing this in my head while driving (muttering to myself like a madman)… and that is what sucks about cell phones/ear buds by the way.. in NYC you used to be able to pick out the truly crazy people who were talking to themselves… now they are in disguise!  anyhoo…. so I was at my fave rest area penning the above. Maybe after I become a renowned poet (after I am dead 200 years) they will name this rest stop in my honor… oh, the immortality of it all.  I would be honored if families stopped to pee in my honor…  I probably won’t actually be honored as I will most certainly be dead.

music?  I am going with a more recent fave of mine… tycho, he is also an artist (beside music)… I have to say his tshirt I bought is like the damn softest thing ever…  but forget all that and enjoy the music (electronic, not dance… thoughtful ambient ?) wait for the moment @ 4:34 …. brilliance… tycho “epoch” (his latest work)

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