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My “process” is pretty much one and done, it is just what I do, how I write.  So, as much as I would like to think (or promise myself internally) that I will get back to these.. I probably won’t (if I am honest about it).. so here are just some lines I scribbled, sort of orphans of mine.  Maybe it will inspire out there in the wordpress-verse some other mind.




rumors ride a whisper

innuendo grows into a roar


the wind is the devil

before the storm

to stir the brew


winter sunlight

summer sunlight

all depends on the angle of your altitude


tales of wonder

no, tales of horror

buried in fathoms

depths below

*this was specifically written thinking about the Andrea Gail (the boat from “the perfect storm“), in my head I want to write an epic poem about that, I am fascinated by the sea.. but I guess not enough !


I started counting

the pattern on the guardrails

three, one, three, one

some would see four

*This was written sitting in brutal traffic on the NJ turnpike… looking at the guardrail

music?  I play guitar (well, I aim to be better at it…) one of my faves is Eric Johnson, here he is live “Song for George“, just a man and his acoustic guitar.. so damn pure.. and so damn good.

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