it had to be Yew… (a post, revisited)

it had to be Yew… (a post, revisited)


A revisit of THIS post with all my notes, annotation and the like, sometimes my water runs a bit deeper, sometimes I am just an ordinary schmuck…

upon Llangernyw Yew

so you grand tree does thee wait
guard the dead and call them out    *(1)
in st dygain’s yard beyond the gate
there you wait, date to date, 
on the promise, all hallows eve   *(2)
all the world’s ear leans towards that tree   *(3)
not wanting to hear that prophetic voice   *(4)
and bear witness to angelystor, no, not by choice
for role is the call of the dead  *(5)
might your name, might be read
do not be bold and curse the land
for bear you will with Rhobert’s hand  *(6)
and know now that halloween has past
your name not whispered cross those limbs
from the depths of that ancient root
you are not called back bound eternity
under that shadow of Llangernyw Yew

First off the tree is perhaps 4,000-5,000 years old, pretty awesome to contemplate.

(1) This is all about the Legend of Angelystor (“The Recording Angel” inspired by St Peter perhaps?), which, according to the Welsh tradition twice a year (once on  halloween (2), so I thought emphasizing that was best) the spirit would announce the names of those from the parish who would perish that coming year, the legend stipulates that those who cared or dared to hear the angel’s decree would gather under the east window of the church to hear the proclamation (3,4,5),  of course someone does not believe in the legend and fiercely denies it (Sion Ap Rhobert), well, you can figure out what happened to that guy (6).  So, basically this is a poem about some tree…