Parts Unknown

Parts Unknown

“I eat, I write and I travel”

that is the open to Anthony Bourdain’s show “Parts Unknown” (which just came on now)… and you know what, that is a poem.   How quick the media moves on.  Anthony killed himself just last week but it seems like years ago.  But those words I quote are just full of everything if you think about it.  We eat, we work , we travel… through this life.

We eat

we work

we travel

through this life

complete live thought, posted, I think I will try to sleep now.



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The universe has a way of sending words into my mind and then to my pen (quite literally I scrawl in journals I have stashed every which where).  The inspiration today is not so inspiring (Anthony Bourdain, a fellow New Jersey traveler).  Sure, we all will buy the farm at some point but somehow the prospect (and specter) of suicide deadens even a beautiful spring day.  Spring should be the time of blossoms not burial.

the right to die
on your own time
but what about those
you leave behind

for blossoms not burials
but for you my friend
you decided
this is the end
so hope at least
the peace you seek
is yours to grasp
to ever last

demons in the rear view mirror
much closer
than they appear

Music… Boa “Rain”