not haiku…

not haiku…

abstract blur bubble clean
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spring rain
in a cemetery
brings life

notes… written tonight while I was watching the punisher on my exercise bike, yeah, inspiration works like that, I say ‘not haiku’ because this is clearly not in the strictest form, but if you are really into the form it has a feel about it, to me, this has the feel, of course you are the judge, jury and likes-a-cuitioner of that.

music?  have to recall some odd ball…

Fugazi – Long Division

yeah, that bass line just rules you, admit it.  they had integrity before it was cool. years and years ago….

Imagining you are a force of nature…

Imagining you are a force of nature…

sky clouds wind windmill
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might I be the breeze

flowing ever flowing

nothing shall impede

always a path around

a crack, a corner, a curve

I can move the clouds above

or the dunes above the ground

molding the forms with my hands drawn

back – and – forth

roaming the plains and forests

and deserts now,

cross the oceans all seven skies

over ice, directing fog

I fly, slide, glide

the perfect kite

I create my own lift, my own flight

and might I rest for awhile

and settle dust

long slumber is not in my nature

as I must, I must move on

eventual perpetual motion

is the only song

these wispy ears have ever rung.


might I be free

might I like the wind

might I become the breeze

might I be free

notes… an old poetic trope indeed to become a thing of nature or imagine a different form from this, but does that make it droll ? Hell if I know… I just work here.

Music for this occasion (thanks for asking by the way), totally trippy stuff I doubt you have ever heard…

Lush – Sweetness and Light

totally ethereal, spacey, airy… reminds me of Liv from Norway and my long lost friend Jodi whom I lost touch with before this internet age, those were the days, those were special days.