poking the haiku bear…

poking the haiku bear…

close up photography of spiderweb with water dew
Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

summer rain
water droplets suspended
on a spiders web

notes… so, I like haiku, in theory that is… I like the blunt tone but focus on nature/truth revealed (traditionally), however I just can’t keep myself to the norm forms, so this is 3/7/5 kind of a blend, I was out checking out my new bamboo plants after the rain (giant leaf and houzeau proud horticultural nerd papa that I am), I saw a spider’s web near the house anchored at the end of my siding to the ground, almost like a teepee, it was like a freeze-frame of rain, various size droplets in suspended animation, and these words popped into my head… there is more layers to this but I will let you contemplate that my friends…

I don’t endorse products or push links that make me money, so with no incentive I tell you that Lewis Bamboo is awesome, they know what they are doing and have great support, so that is why I linked to them specifically.

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