the dampness in my heart
has been replaced
by a restless cough
born, of barren ash
once blood did flow
a river of hope
life in – pump by pump
deadened – to a still birth
a trickle down
you are gone, my love
and so I evolve
into the ground

notes… sometimes I get caught in themes or a mode of thought, the world could be celebrating but I exist in my own head, as we all do, sometimes retreat feels like the obvious option, but yet I persist in moving forward with anchors of the past, so I must have hope in there somewhere in all the despair, there is always hope, I search for the light, and I often fail but I aim for the light, I do.

2 thoughts on “lost.love.letters.

  1. I have profoundly enjoyed your melancholy poem, David. The most heartfelt love letters tend to get lost, but yours was eloquently captured in poetry!


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