observation, on a strange day…

observation, on a strange day…

grayscale photography of brown and black bench
Photo by Paweł L. on Pexels.com

I saw an older man
sitting straight on a bench
hands in black jacket pockets
facing the cold lake
solitary confinement
for being outdoors
on this coldest day of may

notes... (haiku feel, ya feel me?) this was a record breaking day here, granted our weather records do not go back that far really but anyway, it was cold, I was driving to grab some dindin after work kicked me in the ass and head (you would think I would learn to be able to zen it out by now), and I hit… a squall, as in snow, seriously, my car read 33 degrees, that is pretty low for may in these parts,  I was driving by one of my favorite spots in my local little world and listening to the recording below… (classical music is good decompression you know, well, at least for me, and that is generally who I am concerned about, go figure…)

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