and you thought traffic was not inspiring…

and you thought traffic was not inspiring…

red light streaks
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

I try to distract myself when stuck in the ole traffic, which seems like my groundhog day to various degrees, this morning I had thirteen miles to go, yes 1….3… good old Waze told me route 9 was the way, I know very well where I was going, but I said what the hell, threw caution to the wind (gee, what a rebel I ain’t) and trusted the phone thing to control my life… and… 45 minutes later I arrived, 13 miles… in 45 minutes, you do the math, I just laughed, serves me right trusting an app over my personal local knowledge, but man alive everyone swears by the thing, tomorrow, I will see what it says… and take it under advisement only…  in the meantime, on the way home, I took a better route, made good time, and some words popped into the ole noggin’… these would be those…

traffic hypnosis
a concrete bed for me
the subtle lullaby
as I drive by
light posts
every measured feet
shadow cast
blinks past
spokes of the sun

so yeah, traffic might not be all that bad… sometimes… rarely, mostly the bane of my existence but I might as well muse as I measure distance…

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