sponge : accepted as ordinary

sponge : accepted as ordinary

close up photography of coral reef
Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

something so very common, yet when you look at them they are almost alien, I am not talking about your garden variety synthetic ones that are the ones in your sink, bath or wherever, the ones that are actually animals from the oceans of the world (and some fresh water ones as well), they are our cousins after all, how did that first transaction go I wonder, some brave spirit diving a coral reef, or a brief chance encounter washed up on the beach, from we mighty modern folk back to the roman toga crowd and before, I wonder, who was that first of our species to decide “hey, those things look useful, let me rub this on my skin, or soak up this spill due to my kids”, the irony, or not, is that sponges have been around far longer than us (around 640 million years ago give or take a mill), might I be a sponge, some can live hundreds or perhaps thousands of years, they are very stable, sitting anchored in the same place mostly, the same space happy with the rent control of evolution, just letting the breeze of tide provide everything they need, I wonder if sponges could or would, or maybe we need to listen real close, place an ear to the water, they might be heard laughing, knowing they will be around way past our expiration date as a species I bet, but I doubt they would waste an ounce of energy on something outside of the life pipeline like we, something about the brilliant design of simplicity, for we are on the opposite spectrum of that, or so we assume to think, perhaps there is something out there, you know, go look, that sky out there, preferably at night, all that space out there between the stars, perhaps some other form of life is looking down at us and wondering… ‘those things look useful, let me rub one on my skin’…

the coin sides
heads evolution
tails perception
call it in the air…

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