Interview with a Vampire… Squid…

Interview with a Vampire… Squid…

the one and only last of the kind
the singular leaf left
on the branch of an evolutionary tree
born to dive where there is no light
no ink to blot the story right
a true blue blood but not a king
with the largest eyes in all the realms
can invert one self into a crown of thorns
or display luminous blasts from photophores
perhaps a dash and a sprint
but no marathons happen at these depths
even so with fearsome name and look
no drop of blood shall pass
this denizen of the deepest ocean
feeds on falling snow
the leftovers
cascading down
of the lighted world
so far removed

notes… so this is another I will annotate later when I can make all the cool footnotes and such as to what I was thinking and referencing, see if you can decode it all, I packed this one in, but as usual it is how I wrote it in one sitting, I’m strange that way, when inspiration takes over, that is, now onto the music, deep and heavy like the squids, unique and strange… so take a deep dive my friends….


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