with your eyes, always look for it…

with your eyes, always look for it…

This morning, the sky was brushstrokes… 


taken from my car while moving (hey, I know, I know), garden state parkway, outerbridge to staten island exit (that line above is what popped into my head as I tried to take this picture, the sky has been so miserable lately this was a welcome change, and it was like seeing the horizon smile just for me)


Corrugated metal warehouse wall that bordered the parking lot I was in, 18th Avenue, Brooklyn NY, find beauty wherever you may be (trying to live by the mantra I laid out)… sure, this is not some arboreal forest, or cloud forest, or heck even a common maple tree, but it hit me, just walking to my car, a moment, take that moment, take that time, smile at the sky, smile at everyone, sure, there is some amorphous atmosphere out there, the sun is a huge sphere incalculable miles to our mind to really grab, but the sunshine is still there delayed or not, open up, absorb it as such, even just for a second, turn the ordinary into extraordinary, this is a day, this is a life, rejoice my friends, rejoice, embrace as much as you can, at least try, I fail at this as well, but just wake up and realize, every morning, the gift, your eyes, you are alive, I am alive, I am alive right. now. right. now.

try sleeping to this… or just meditating…

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