whimsical of the moment…

whimsical of the moment…

candle creepy dark decoration
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

o’ sad Jack
once ferocious teeth scowled
now, sagging, inward,
to the side
as your mouth collapses
and the roof caves in
your short age
your short time in the sun
so briefly, gone
witness to all the leaves
now quartered and drawn
a mouth once alight with writhing flame
throwing shadows on demon’s bane
casting out into the night
flickering dance candle light
for you have seen better days
hollowed out for hallows eve
has left you less whole with no reprieve
and like the shrinking land repose
off into the landfill you must go
yet let not all hope be squashed
for come next fall
we pick your kin

notes…  just something somewhat silly that the muse bequeathed to me today…

music… sort of weird and inspired… damn good band…


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