weekend “prayer” poem…

weekend “prayer” poem…

aged ancient asian buddhism
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“a prayer for release
from my burdens
might they transform
may they become
maps not anchors
on this singular sea
a buoyant seed, gifted
the only one
I am granted
to reach that new world
upon that shore
of whispers told
a land of hope”

Note.. I will make a page to link to all my “prayer” poems soon,  work was crazy this week after I was off for seven days, but I am back in the groove I think, although I work all weekend so I am holding on to my vacation vision in my head and the space where I was at after living in a different space for a week, I have to admit I am slipping in that regard, sometimes it really pays to take a deep breath and in your mind travel back to your happy place… sounds dopey of course, but it works…

Musical selection… dystopian punk rock… haunting if you ask me… so ask… yes, this is haunting…

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