just a little poem…

just a little poem…

grayscale photography of baby holding finger
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

the better half
as decreed
maps the path
from wounded knee,
is sin a birth mark
not removed
in forgiveness wash
still imbued

notes… as usual sometimes I poke through my unpublished stuff and see if anything hits me, I sort of always liked this in the back of my mind, but time passes and you forget about things (I wrote this back in dec 2018), I thought it very lyrical at the time, and now… one minor tweak (the first line was one line with the second line but the cadence in my head read it as two after I wrote it).. so, there you have it… and there it is…

music: let’s rock, it’s the summer man, roll down the windows and get…

>>>>> Unchained – Van Halen

and don’t forget I also write Media reviews (TV, film and the like… and I would like to think I am good… or at least decent, come on now people I do work 6 days a week…)

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