lost. love. letters.

lost. love. letters.

sunset love lake resort
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so here I am
broken and old
I left you so long ago
but never could untether my soul
I will tell my grand children about you
should I have them
like a fairy tale
like a fable
I hardly believe myself, anymore
“for I was once in love
with the most beautiful girl
in all the world”
for she was
and so you are, still
age and time has not stolen that vision
in my eyes blind
your such simple perfection
gifted unto me
a brilliant burning helium core
of the brightest star
and now you are, just that
up in my sky
but always there to guide my heart
to the north, a path
to one day I might depart
and reunite, with you
my love
my heart, my love, I await our reunion
even if, I know this will never come.

notes… as I fall into routine, this has been my thursday night thing lately, no guaranty it will stay, but it seems ok to reflect on her once a week even if she is on my mind more than that.

and what else do you need…

>> Minus the Bear – Last Kiss (live)

listen to the lyrics… just listen…

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