and it all started with a simple rain drop…

and it all started with a simple rain drop…

red textile
Photo by Prashant Gautam on

for I am witness to cleopatra’s tear
to the mighty sword of genghis khan
a map to the stars
the night provides
a canvas to the past
of lives that are now ours
and let the hours pass
and eons slide
from up upon plymouth rock
and armstrong’s stride
from the very emergence of humanity
come forth african savanna
a culmination
a cauldron
for we are all these
children of the mother
divine interpretation
the mark of the father

notes… sometimes I ponder if the air I am breathing is the same air breathed by someone else, so long ago, we all have shared this space, this earth, our only home, as far as we know, so a single raindrop hit my windshield the other day, and as I like to say…. the words wrote themselves…

Music ?  why not… The Bangles – Walk like an Egyptian

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