snippets and little things (hey, it is the weekend)…

snippets and little things (hey, it is the weekend)…

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I like to take things lighter on the weekend (hey it is summer, India Day coming here in Edison NJ and the Yankees are playing the Red Sox, summer indeed), time to relax and let the week… end, and start anew on Sunday, so here are some quick things I might not post otherwise, lest they hang on the vine and rot away in the shadows of my journals (these range in age from May until, well, now-ish)…



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cherry blossoms
greet you at spring’s door
in a twist
they are gone
may day
all fall down

birds in a yard
conducting business
or covert intentions
how am I to interpret
their intricacies

even in the rain

on my lawn
upon my yard
robins do a two step
a young jack nimbles
and is quick
buttercups add a touch
of color
of bright yellow

for cardinals are the bane of bulls
to small to gore
to red to ignore

we live upon the southern edge
at that precipice of storm
for we look beyond our shores

music…. ah just listen to this…

All your thoughts, comments, likes, hates, opinions, critiques, and eyes on any of my writing are with thanks… so, thanks.  feel free to comment, lament, foment, ferment and any other lent you can think of, the floor is yours… because I prefer the bed….

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